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Here's why I'm burning Jim Rome!

I am a DIEHARD sports fan. So naturally, ESPN is my favorite television station in the world (besides Saturday morning Telemundo and CBS : ). But Jim Rome's act to me is "played out" and has been so since the 90's. He is often opinionated as most sports talk show hosts are, but I notice him taking more cheap shots at athletes than the average person would notice. Not only does he do it, but he has guests who come on in his support. Today did it for me. Not only did he bash Tiger, he compared him to the likes of Mike Tyson! Saying that now "Tiger is showing us the player that we thought he was ". Excuse me, but  who are you referring to as we ? Tiger finishes -11 under par in the Masters after a long hiatus and now he's washed up 2 weeks later? Give me a break. Who's d*** is Jim Rome sucking to keep a slot on a TV network? [rhetorical]

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The North Siders are having a helluva season up to this point. It just sucks seeing them play NOBODY! Their schedule reminds me of a Boise State football schedule. The standings,stats,etc. they all look good for the Cubbies, but how good will it feel when the playoffs arrive? The AL is loaded, especially the East division. The Yankees could possibly end up in last place, and the Rays and Jays could be battling for the Wild Card. The Cubs are getting a sample as we speak of the great pitching rotation of the Jays. I just believe there are too many bottom-feeders in the NL outside of Philly & Florida. The Dbacks are around again Cubbies, and by the way, THE Cardinals WILL WIN THE CENTRAL!
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